Laval Tourist Attractions Located in North Western France

Laval is a beautiful town located on the River Mayenne. It is located in North Western France. The people of this beautiful city are called Lavallois. Itl is well known for its world famous racehorses. It is also famous for its agricultural also. It has a rich past and history.

Laval by Eurostar

Reaching Laval has now become an easy task. You can reach this wonderful city by a short and speedy journey. What you have to do is book your Eurostar ticket online and take your Eurostar train from St Pancras International station to Paris and then from Paris to Laval. By only one ticket you can travel to this charming city. So do not miss a chance to see the dream world of this wonderful city.

Laval Attractions

Laval is a home place of various amazing attractions. You can explore yourself in many historical as well as enjoyment places. Some most famous places are: –

  • Canoe- Kayak Laval: – It is situated in Halte Fluviale de Laval. It is a very beautiful place for outing.
  • Comite departmental de la Randonne Pedstre: – It is located in 84, avenue Robert Boron, Laval. Here you can enjoy riding trips and hikes.
  • Espace alain Gerbault: – It is a museum built in the memory of Alain Gerbault. It is situated in 10, rue du Douanier Rousseau, Laval.
  • Musee- ecole de la Perrine: – It is a world-class house of sculptures and arts made by local artists. It is situated in 10, rue du Douanier Rousseau, Laval.
  • Musee des Sciences: – It is a museum with a diversified collection of plants and animals. It is situated in 21, rue du Douanier Rousseau, Laval.
  • Bateau ‘Pays de Laval’: – It is a site seeing place of the countryside. It is situated in Halte Fluviale de Laval.
  • Espace Games: – An entertaining place and home for various adventurous games. It is situated in 28, Boulevard de l’lndustrie.
  • Le Monde des Petits Loups: – It is beautiful place situated in Rue Bruxelles, Laval.

Accommodations in Laval

You can enjoy living in relaxed resorts in Laval. Eurostar provides you the best hotels. So book your hotel along with your tickets. Save your money on booking your ticket and hotel online.

  • Hotel Kyriad Laval
  • La Gerbe de Ble
  • Marin hotel
  • Imperial
  • Citotel
  • Hotel Campanile Laval Ouest
  • Hotel du Centre

Laval nightlife

For a stunning nightlife you have to visit famous pubs, bars and discos of Laval. Here you will enjoy a real night fun. Some of the nightspots are as: –

  • O’Regans
  • Le Royal
  • Le Queen S Bar
  • L’Adventure Café
  • Couleur Café
  • Star Animation
  • Le Donjon
  • Archimaine- Tia

Shopping centers in Laval

Shopping in Laval is a very good experience. You can enjoy all kind of shopping in Laval. Various shopping centers in Laval are: –

  • Carrefour
  • Leclerc
  • Distri Center
  • Techi’logis
  • Complicite robe de mariee

Tourist Information in the Financial Capital City of Australia

The financial capital city of Australia is Sydney City. It is also the capital of the eastern state of New South Wales. Known as a financial hub, Sydney has many attractions to enjoy. With an entertainment schedule to knock your socks off to a journey into the known history of Australia, Sydney offers something for every age.

Sydney has options for every taste and budget. From cheap hotel and travel options to high value holidays. No matter what you plan to do or see in Sydney, a rental car will only enhance your stay. You will have access to all the Sydney attractions with a hire car. It is also easy to find a good deal for a car rental. The city does offer a fast paced atmosphere, but for those visiting, you can take the time to enjoy the many wonderful scenic sites and surroundings. Being a major city, Sydney does provide public transport for residents and visitors, but to really grasp the Sydney feeling, your hire car will give you the freedom to explore when and where you want. The sky is the limit!

To find the best hire car deal for your Sydney experience, access a comparative car rental website. Such sites, allow for you to compare from a number of companies for your Sydney car hire. This way you can view all sizes and price ranges, all at once. You will find that the site will display economy cars to luxury vehicles.

Once you have booked your rental car, you can then map out where you wish to explore. And the list of Sydney sites is endless. From Darling Harbour to the famous Bondi Beach. You can also enjoy the Taronga Zoo and the Sydney Opera House or the Chinese Gardens. With parking available at most attractions, your car hire will give you the ability to experience the attractions at your own pace and not based on bus timetables or train schedules.

Sydney is a multi cultured community and you will therefore find cuisines from all over the world represented there. To give justice to your Sydney stay, drive throughout the inner and outer city streets in your hire car, and you may just find a hidden treasure in one of the cafes or restaurants.

Shopping options in Sydney range from popular weekend markets to upmarket boutiques and fashion stores. If you plan to shop till you drop, ensure you have ample storage space in your rental car. There are also some great opportunities to purchase some Sydney and Australia souvenirs, and if you really want to take away something to remember, a picture outside the Opera House or with the Sydney Harbour Bridge as your backdrop, is popular for tourists.

Of course Sydney is an exciting to place to see, but without a hire car, you may find that you cannot optimize your time spent there. Ensure you select the best rental car that will provide you with the space and comfort required. Also know exactly how much you will be paying for the hire car so you do not get hit with unexpected fees and charges upon arrival.

Enjoy Tourist Attractions of Annecy Travel

Annecy is situated in the Rhone-Alpes region between Geneva and Chambery. It is a popular resort towns of the French Alps. It is situated about 35 kilometers south of Geneva. It lies at the crossroad with routes into Switzerland and Italy. It is the capital of three cantons namely cantons of Annecy-Centre, cantons of Annecy-Nord-Est and cantons of Annecy-Quest. It will be host Olympic Games 2018 and will be the fourth French city.

It is most popular for its castle that dominates the town. The best way to explore this towns is to walk or to hire a bicycle. It is covered by mountain peaks and on the northern tip of lovely lake. Along the shore of lake there are beautiful villages. There are number of delightful and inexpensive modern hotels to stay near the lake.You can enjoy the hiking on the mountain around the city as well as swimming or sailing on the lake.

Main attractions and Things to do there are:

  • Must see attractions are Annecy castle, Jardin de l’Europe, Lake Annecy, Pont des amours-Lovers’ Bridge and Saint Francis de Sales Church.
  • Popular for festivals like the traditional Old Town festival takes place in July and the famous Lake Festival that takes place every August.
  • The Cathedral of Saint-Pierre was built in the early 16th century.
  • The Impérial Palace, inaugurated in 1913, famous for its public gardens, beach and its casino.
  • The rue royale is the heart of the commercial and political activities of the town. There are number of shops, gardens and the fountain of Saint Jean.
  • You can enjoy there fishing in the lake, horse riding, mountain Biking, paragliding, and rafting.

If you want keeping family happy and enjoy your holiday, then this is the delightful place. You can easily reach there by plane or by train. The Gare d’Annecy railway station offers connections with Lyon, Geneva, Paris, Grenoble and several regional destinations. The city of castle, Annecy, can be easily accessed with high-speed passenger Eurostar train. The speed of 186mph and the excellent onboard facilities makes it ideal mode of transport within Europe.

Different Parts of Rajasthan Tour and Travel Information

Lofty rocks, rolling sand dunes, of burning heat and freezing cold, of fertile plains and deep wild glens and jungles, Battle scarred forts, turreted marble palaces of breathtaking grandeur and whimsical charm, delightful folk art and culture, riotous colors —this is Rajasthan, a land full of color and contrast.

It is the largest state of India in terms of area encompassing the enormous Thar Desert. The state is diagonally divided into the hilly and rugged south eastern region and the barren north western.

The Land

The main and most spectacular geographic feature of Rajasthan is the Aravalli Range, which is one of the oldest mountain ranges of the world. The range runs for more than 850 km, nearly through the entire state from southwest to northeast, almost from one end to the other.

The northwestern portion of Rajasthan is generally sandy and dry, as most of the region is covered by the Thar Desert. The Aravalli Range and the lands to the east and southeast of the range are in general more fertile, this area of Rajasthan is home to the Kathiarbar-Gir dry deciduous forests with tropical dry broadleaf forests.

The Climate

Rajasthan has a tropical desert climate. It is extremely cold from October to February while the scorching sun tortures the land from March to September. There are distinct temperature range variations diurnal and seasonally throughout the state.

Temperature reaches a high a 49°C during the summer months. Nights of summers see a considerable temperature fall with a minimum daily temperature around 20°C to 29°C. January is the coldest month in the stare of Rajasthan. The minimum temperatures sometimes fall to -2°C.

The People

Rajasthan is the region of the proud Rajputs who the epitome of Chivalry and whose exploits and bravery in battle are legendary. Before Independence, Rajasthan was referred to as Rajputana, but the Rajput population is a minority in this state now there numbers have dwindle down with there wealth.

Many tribes are also found in different parts of Rajasthan, with their own social systems and customs, religion and dress. The Rajasthanis are well-known for their spirited dances and musical renderings, their extremely colorful attire and the royal culture. . Rajasthan is known for its handicrafts and paintings; it is associated with a rich tradition of art, culture, music and dance.

The Cities

Rajasthan is famous for its grand forts, intricately carved temples and ornamented havelis, built by kings in previous ages. Jantar Mantar, Dilwara Temples ,Chittorgarh Fort, Lake Palace Hotel, City Palaces, Jaisalmer Havelis are part of the true architectural heritage of India. Jaipur, the Pink City, is noted for the ancient houses made of a type of sand stone dominated by a pink hue. At Ajmer, the white marble Bara-dari on the Anasagar Lake is wonderful.

Jain Temples are found all over Rajasthan, Dilwara Jain Temples of Mt. Abu, Ranakpur, in the fort complexes of Chittor, Jaisalmer and Kumbhalgarh, Lodarva etc. The most tourists worthy cities are:

Jaipur – Jaipur was built in 1727 by King Jai Singh, after whom it was named, it is the capial city of Rajasthan. Its most striking feature is the pink wash of the buildings, giving Jaipur it the name ‘Pink City’. Jaipur is a royal city filled with palaces, jagged fortresses; some of the palaces, once the residence of Maharajas have been converted into beautiful heritage hotels.

Jodhpur- Is the second largest city of Rajasthan; at the edge of the Thar Desert. It was once the capital of the Marwar state. It was founded in 1459 A.D. by Rao Jodha-chief of the Rathore clan of Rajputs. The city is dominated by the massive Mehrangarh fort on a rocky hill; it is awe-inspiring with its wealth of historic appeal and colorful markets.

Udaipur- is called the ‘City of Lakes’ it was founded in 1599 by Maharana Udai Singh. The city hailed as the ‘Venice of the East’ set amidst the Aravalli hills of South Rajasthan, is one of the most romantic destinations in India. It has a cornucopia of marble palaces, lakes, temples, and rugged hills.

Mount Abu- is perched on a 1,219 meters high rock plateau at the far southwestern end of the Aravalli hills. Well-known for its exquisitely carved marble Dilwara temples, Mount Abu is an appealing hill resort built around a lake and surrounded by thick woods and hills.

Beautiful and Attractive City in Western France

A one thousand years old city with a modernization of today is a heaven on the Earth. It is a very beautiful and attractive city located near seashore. It is situated in Western France. It has a wealthy history. The city has lots of museums and art galleries where the historical monuments are kept safely. This is the real wealth of the city.

La Rochelle By Eurostar

It is a perfect place to spend your vacations. You can reach there by a high-speed train Eurostar. Eurostar has a reach to this tiny beautiful town. Now enjoy a comfortable and short journey towards your unforgettable vacations in this charming city. You can take Eurostar train from St Pancras international Station to Paris and then another train from Paris to La Rochelle.

Attractions of La Rochelle

This place is full of enjoyment and fun. You can enjoy whole day by seeing the beautiful attractions of the place and enjoy a rocking nightlife. There are lots of places to roam like: –

  • Aquarium De La Rochelle: – This world famous museum is located in the heart of the town. There is a fine collection of art of famous artists.
  • Atlantic Museum: – It is situated near Atlantic Ocean. This museum holds the art, facts and historical proofs related to Atlantic Ocean.
  • Automates Museum: – It is a unique museum. It has a collection of dolls from various parts of the country. Automates museum is three hundred years old.
  • Charruyer Park: – It is located in the old town area of La Rochelle. It is a beautiful public garden. It is a perfect place for relaxation.
  • Coursive Theatre: – It is a theatre situated in the mid of the town. This theatre shows historical plays and traditional events.
  • Fine Art Museum: – It contains the paintings of famous artists of France, Italy. There are also periodical exhibitions in this museum.
  • France Delmas Park: – This Park is a daily point of the local people. Morning sunshine, blushing flowers and sunset is the specialty of the park.
  • The Gabut Quarter Tour: – It is situated near Vieux Port. This is a famous place for the tourist who really wants to get into the historical story of the town.
  • Grevin museum: – This is a superb place to visit. It is a museum full of waxworks. It is situated in 38 Cours des Dames.
  • Protestant Museum: – This museum shows the evidences and stories of growth and development of the city.
  • Perfume Museum: – France is world Famous for perfumes. This museum is the biggest example of the various kinds of perfumes.
  • Museum of the new world: – This museum was built in the dedication of the ancient history of the city.

Accommodation in La Rochelle

There are fantastic resorts and hotels. You can have a full relaxation in the hotels. You can book your hotel through Eurostar online bookings. So you don’t have to think much. Eurostar is there to take care of your trip.

  • Brit Hotel le Cap
  • Hotel de la Paix
  • Fasthotel La Rochelle
  • Hotel de Paris
  • Hotel Les Brises
  • Hotel de BORDEAUX
  • Campanile la Rochelle Puilboreau
  • Maeva Centre
  • Hotel Premiere Classe La Rochelle

La Rochelle nightlife

The town enjoys amazing night life with chilled bear and rocking discos. Streets are full of crowd even at nights also. There are various bars, pubs, discos, cluds and casinos to make your nights much more happening.

  • Music Hall Cohiba
  • Team Bar Andre
  • Bar La Casa
  • Mattai Café
  • Café de la Paix
  • Cosy
  • Oxford-Club

Shoppers in La Rochelle

This place gives you a fabulous chance to go for shopping. So you can enjoy shopping and carry heavy shopping bags when you will return to your home places. The popular shopping centers are:

  • Villa Medicis
  • La Boutique du Marin
  • Rue du Palais
  • Boulangerie Fillon
  • Covered Market

New Concept in Luxury Child Friendly Hotels and Travel

You don’t have to give up stylish holidays and weekend breaks when you have children. You just need to do your research before you go and choose carefully those luxury, child friendly hotels which offer fantastic children’s services.

Think about what your family needs and then for accommodation which offer, thse services like crèche facilities, spa facilities, toys and games, mini bathrobes and slippers, a dedicated concierge or turndown service.

One of the most important pieces of information you probably want to know about a luxury child family friendly hotel before you book is what different room options are offered for families so you can search by room type; family suites, interconnecting rooms or rooms with separate sleeping areas for children. Also think about what baby equipment the hotel owners can provide, what dining options there are for families and any activities on site and nearby to keep the children and family amused.< Golf & Spa Resort is a 160 hectare ‘finca’ tucked away in Guía de Isora, a tranquil and little known area of the island of Tenerife. This is a first class resort which is a home away from home for visiting families. Great for families travelling with babies and toddlers as the hotel can provide a whole host of baby and toddler items before your arrival.

Daios Cove in Crete is exquisite and has a myriad of accommodation options for families. This is a gorgeous hotel which offers a crèche, kids club and teenagers club as well as pool games and activities. If that doesn’t tempt you then surely the sea water infinity swimming pool with views across the private cove will.

Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane is a fabulous option for families visiting London. The hotel goes out of its way to make children feel spoilt with welcome amenities, complimentary baby products and child-proofing of rooms and IPads for the kids to use in the restaurants so mum and dad can enjoy a stress free meal time, to name a few. It is also in a perfect location right next to Hyde Park so plenty of space to run off some energy.

Sandy Lane Barbados is perfect of you fancy going somewhere a little bit more exotic. There is a children’s club, children’s menus in all of the restaurants (even the fine dining restaurants) and bathrobes and slippers for your mini-me(s). There are interconnecting room and luxury family suites to choose from and of course a soft, white sandy beach for sandcastle building or for the more energetic plenty of water sports to choose from.

Chewton Glen in the New Forest is wonderful for families and the new Treehouse Suites are fabulous. During school holidays the hotel has a dedicated children’s club, treehouse and swings in the hotel grounds and in the warmer months you can chill out by the outside swimming pool. The hotel is just a short walk from the beach.

Zighy Bay in Oman is a stunning resort with a wide variety of accommodation set in a beautiful indigenous village style and the private marina is spectacular, with the dramatic mountains on one side and sandy beach at Zighy Bay, on the other. There are activities organised every day for the little ones including supervised movies in the early evening so parents can enjoy sundowners in this fabulous resort.

Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi embodies the elegance and rich culture of the region, the Emirates Palace is more than a hotel – it is a destination. The Palace’s dedication to excellence is something that makes visiting it something you will remember for a long time; many families return to this hotel year after year. There is a children’s club and a wonderful water adventure park with lazy river and waterslides.

Viceroy Anguilla is an elegant, modern hotel with a dramatic bay-view making this a stunning luxury Caribbean resort. The two white sand beaches, sunset pool, an array of water sports, a spa and fitness center, and programs for children make this a real find for families wanting to leave it all behind and spend time together enjoying life without the modern technology getting in the way.

Mazaghan Beach Resort in Morocco was nominated for Best Hotel Spa in Africa, the Middle East & Indian Ocean by Conde Nast Spa Reader’s Awards in 2011. This is a beautiful hotel with lots for the whole family to do, with dedicated complimentary kids clubs for babies from 4 months old to teenagers you really can come as a family here to relax.